Winamp TV

Winamp TV

The plugin enhances Winamp's functionality to control the TV Tunner
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Installs as a plugin and enhances Winamp to control the on-board TV Tuner. Comes as an alternative to the original TV Tuner's interface and supports all the operations.

This plugin lets you use Winamp to control your TV tuner. You can use the playlist manager, media library or your favorite general purpose plugin to control the TV or FM Radio, or all of them together! Arrange the channels any way you like, make many playlists with specific selections of channels, make copies of a channel, possibly with different settings.

Hardware de-interlacing, extensive OSD menus, video display inside the skinned Video Window.

Supports a wide variety of tuner and capture cards, including all-in-one solutions, VIVO cards, USB tuners, hardware MPEG encoders.

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